Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks, Kim!

My friend, Kim, is a Graphic Designer. She recently designed a logo for my husband. She wouldn't let us pay her, so I went to a store I know she likes and got her a gift card. :)

I've used this gift card holder die before and really like it. Since Kim has black cats, I found this paper and decided to use it for the holder. Unfortunately, I ran the paper through the Big Shot and the cats are upside down on the outside. They are right side up on the inside. I guess they have to be upside down on one side - no getting around it. But, I should have had them right side up on the outside. Live and learn while you create....

I assembled the holder and used a piece of crushed curry on the inside to stamp the Elegant Thank You. I also used the Lovely Letters "K" stamp for the outside.

I adhered a piece of black satin ribbon (love the satin ribbons!) around the whole outside. It looked a little sloppy where I had to slip the piece of ribbon in the back, so I punched out a cat from remains of the die cut piece of paper, and covered it.

I'm so sleepy this morning that I doubt I'm making any sense! Sorry if this is confusing...

Have a great day!

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