Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Challenge Cards

How is it the end of July already?  Wow, the year is going by way too fast!  Since it is the end of the month, it is time to post the Simply Paper Design Challenge cards.  Here is the sketch and color challenge:
Here is Michelle's card.  Isn't it wonderful?  It's a celebration in a card!  The background is mesmerizing with all of the fireworks going off.  I love the double ribbon in the middle too - nice!  There are so many people with July 4th birthdays - wouldn't this be a wonderful card to receive?  Love it Michelle!

Here is my card.  I decided that since I need so many birthday cards for August, I'd try to make one with the challenge.  I know exactly who is going to get this too :)  I needed one more color to off-set the two primary colors, so added a little chocolate chip in the mix.  I love the cupcake punch - it makes for a very easy card focal point! 

As always, thanks for looking and have a great day!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Swap Meeting Gifts

Last weekend was our stamping group's annual summer meeting of demonstrators.  I love these meetings.  I get to meet new people, make a ton of cards, see new items, etc.  It's just a great day of friends, stamps, and great food (it's really what everyone goes for!)  Haaa - just kidding. 

Each year, we have a gift swap and I decided to alter items with my new favorite Designer Paper. Here are the items I made.

Here is a group shot of the gifts.  I ended up covering a king sized Hershey bar too, but forgot to take a picture of it.

This is an altered note pad.  I had a heck of a time with this one and pretty much disassembled and reassembled the whole thing by the time I was done.  But, I like how it turned out and that it stays shut with a little Velcro; keeps your notes secret!

This is an altered pocket calendar.  I am probably one of the last people standing to still use a paper calendar instead of one on-line/phone/etc. :)

This is an altered mug for a favorite beverage.  I think I'd use it to put pencils and pens in though, to keep with the desk set.

I found this mini tissue box and altered it - so cute!

This is a little scratch paper holder - again, not the easiest thing to alter!  Then again, it may be  me.  I tend to complicate things ;)

And here is the bag I altered to put everything in.  Isn't this paper just beautiful?  I love it!

Anyway, thanks for looking and have a great day!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th Everyone!

Here is the July Simply Paper Design Challenge.  Please play along with us!

Last weekend, Debbie and I met up with Michelle to attend a scrapbooking conference.  But, before that, we had lunch at Sweetwater Tavern - yum!  Here is a picture of us - the design team :)

Thanks for looking and again, have a wonderful Independence Day!