Monday, March 2, 2009


Beverly (Hi!) inspired me to break out my sand that I had bought at the scrapbook convention last year. I also wanted to try my hand at Copic blending. Well, neither were easy! The sand is very cool stuff, but hard to spread! I hope the sandman has come up with a better way to use it. I don't feel I have the Copic blending down either. But, I love the colors and anything Hawaiian makes me happy :) I wish I were enjoying the view on this card now!

Stamp Set: Do The Hula

Ink: Ancient Page Black

Copic Markers

Accessories: Crystal Effects and Hawaiian Sand (by Muddpuddles)

1 comment:

  1. Are you kidding me! I love this cards.. Looks so warm and beachy.. makes me wanna dig my toes down in that sand - LOL!
    It is a little hard to put the sand on. I used a paint brush.. What did you use? Sandman suggested using a cake icing knife or putty knife.. don't know about that.. I just used my paintbrush..