Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet Award!

How sweet is this?  My sister and upline, Debbie Naylor, awarded me with this Sweet Blog Award!  Thanks so much, Debbie!  Your blog never fails to inspire me each and every day :)  You can visit her awesome blog here.

Part of this award is to share seven random facts about myself and pass the award onto 8 other bloggers.  Let's see...
1)  I work at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC
2)  I love my furry kids (2 cats and a rabbit)
3)  I love to plant flowers, plants, and trees, but do not like to weed or deadhead flowers!
4)  My favorite drink is coffee; can drink it all day, every day!
5)  Now that I have an eReader, I can't go back to paperback or hard covered books!
6)  My favorite movie is The Sound of Music.  I bake Christmas cookies every year and I have to watch this movie while baking them or it wouldn't be Christmas for me!
7)  I've become a little obsessed with Farmville on Facebook!  LOL

I'm supposed to share this award with some other bloggers that inspire me with their creations, but the ones I'd pick have already been chosen!  There are so many wonderful bloggers out there - so for all of you that create and inspire with your blog, I'm sharing this award with you!

Have a sweet day, everyone! 

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