Sunday, June 27, 2010

Meet Fluffles!

Well, what an exciting and exhausting weekend this has been. It started Thursday night as we had Friday off. One of my husband's friends called. His daughter's friend decided to get rid of her pet bunny. Don tried to find it a home, but no one would take it :( Knowing we had pet bunnies for years, he asked us as a last resort. We couldn't say no and subject this poor bunny to a horrible end. After the call, I rushed out and had to re-buy all the bunny supplies (new cage, litter box, hay, etc.) I had it all set up when Don brought "Disco" to us (hate that name and will never mention it again!) The first thing I did was give *her* a bath. We were told it was a female. Well, while I was bathing our new little bunny, I saw male anatomy. I will take him to the vet for a check up and get a definitive answer, but I'm already saying "him". We will also get him neutered.
My husband named him Fluffles and it just works. Fluffles is fearless! We've never had a bunny that didn't mind hard wood or laminated kitchen floors. He walks on anything. We've also caught him going up the stairs. I was on the sofa and he jumped up on me! I'm telling you, this little guy does some amazing things. We've had 4 rabbits over the last 17 years and none has ever done these things. He's keeping me on my toes! Kimba, our male cat is so happy to have a friend and another bunny in the house. He grew up with bunnies, so he couldn't be happier. He just gets a little rough playing sometimes and I have to remind him to be gentle. He's so good with Fluffles! They've bonded instantly and it is so cute! I can't get good pictures of them snuggling because they move too quickly for my camera and it comes out a blur. He's definitely perfect for our family because he loves to lay on the AC vents! Anyone who knows us knows we love a cool house :) So, he fits right in!

I love bunnies and am a strong advocate for them being excellent pets. However, I'm also the first one to say that they are very high maintenance and very expensive. Rabbits should have at least 6 hours outside of their cage, they need timothy hay at all times, and fresh greens every day. They also require exotic veterinary care, which is much more expensive than regular vets. So, if you are thinking about getting a bunny, please do the research (House Rabbit Society) and know that they are not pets for children or someone that wants low maintenance.

Thanks for letting me share our new furry one! Have a great week and give your furry ones a headrub for me :)

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