Friday, July 29, 2011

Swap Meeting Gifts

Last weekend was our stamping group's annual summer meeting of demonstrators.  I love these meetings.  I get to meet new people, make a ton of cards, see new items, etc.  It's just a great day of friends, stamps, and great food (it's really what everyone goes for!)  Haaa - just kidding. 

Each year, we have a gift swap and I decided to alter items with my new favorite Designer Paper. Here are the items I made.

Here is a group shot of the gifts.  I ended up covering a king sized Hershey bar too, but forgot to take a picture of it.

This is an altered note pad.  I had a heck of a time with this one and pretty much disassembled and reassembled the whole thing by the time I was done.  But, I like how it turned out and that it stays shut with a little Velcro; keeps your notes secret!

This is an altered pocket calendar.  I am probably one of the last people standing to still use a paper calendar instead of one on-line/phone/etc. :)

This is an altered mug for a favorite beverage.  I think I'd use it to put pencils and pens in though, to keep with the desk set.

I found this mini tissue box and altered it - so cute!

This is a little scratch paper holder - again, not the easiest thing to alter!  Then again, it may be  me.  I tend to complicate things ;)

And here is the bag I altered to put everything in.  Isn't this paper just beautiful?  I love it!

Anyway, thanks for looking and have a great day!


  1. ooo... I do love that paper! You rock at altering gifts!

  2. I loved this set Cindy! It was awesome in person, I was so jealous of Sherri who received it! I also have to note that I, too, love paper calendars/planners. I think it is the virtue of paper that I appreciate, as well as the years in elementary school "pencilling things in".