Monday, March 2, 2009

Urban Garden Purses

Well, I decided to stop hoarding so much stuff and actually use some of it! I've been holding on to these wooden purse/boxes for several years. I posted one that I altered a couple weeks/days??? ago in my favorite Raspberry Tart DSP. I covered the remaining 5 that I had with the SAB DSP and the Urban Garden DSP. I finished the purses yesterday and decided to make the cards to go in them today. Well, I only got the Urban Garden cards done. I can't believe it takes me so long! Where does the time go when you are creating and having fun? I'm posting pictures of all of the purses, the Urban Garden purses outside, inside, set of cards, and how the cards will look inside. The SAB DSP is kind of bland, so I think I'll stamp some images and somehow try to spruce up the outside - that's for another day though! Now, I think it is time to go eat some chicken fiesta soup and homemade bread :) Stay warm everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Cindy.. wowsa! I just love those purses.. and that urban gardesn dsp is my fave... What a fun gifty! Wishing I could have some of your soup.. sounds yummy!